Kilian SMITI

Hey ! 👋

I'm Kilian SMITI, a french developer passionate about web technologies since his childhood. I started building websites when I was ten year old and I decided to make it my job.

Currently, I'm Full-Stack Developer for Free (Iliad) 🚀, one of the main French telecommunications operators. I work on many internal applications, whether it is on invoicing tools, or civil engineering management tools, I have no trouble getting to grips with a subject.

I master many langage and framework, for the front-end, I master HTML, CSS (with pre-processor like Sass), Javascript and some framework like Vue.js, React and Electron. For back-end langages, I master Golang, PHP, Node.js and some framework specialy in PHP like Symfony and Laravel.

I'm also working with several tool like Docker, Webpack, Typescript, ESLint and Git.

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